Paraboot few in stock or hottest chukka boots / popular - Men Paraboot Boots

Paraboot few in stock or hottest chukka boots / popular - Men Paraboot Boots

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[Paraboot] ★ few in stock or ★ hottest ☆ chukka boots and popular.

Can be combined on/off durable men's boots
Two types of leather, no-the adopted chukka boots. Formal-casual atmosphere worthy of possible. Novey June manufacturing the hard way will given a sturdy quality.

[Color / pattern:
Upper's Navy near the black deep tone. Turquoise Blue in the lining. Lining is black. Invisible blue thread blue and to light up attention.

[Materials & texture]
It's plain leather, lizard style Embossing leather combination upper. Saul is the original finished on uneven surfaces were named as the "CUBE" cube-shaped rubber. Highlights like leather sole soles aid and was making.

It is your use of functional, long 1. People who want to use items in daily use is recommended. Also Preeminent. Long charge as a fashion item, feel noble casually refined atmosphere. It is pleasing gifts gifts for loved ones, including a suitable reward for their items.

paraboot [brand name] /Paraboot
"All the products authentic reliability and high quality, and attractive.
Paraboot founder Remy law report never returned, along with the 1919 from America covered in a pair of rubber boots. Gave the idea to production using imported from emphasized to him, natural latex rubber sole shoes "boots".
By 'parabots"in the world to manufacture themselves and use their shoe soles shoe makers only. Since the spirit and standards of 'parabots"is continued building company.

Your ** profit ** for ** before ** of ** note ** thanked ** thing ** section ** & ** and ** hope **. **
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(Size & what Color is different,)

[Specification and color]
Paraboot /Paraboot
Vans chukka boot

Outsole length heel height equivalent to size notation
5.5 size 26.55 ~ 26.9 cm 28.5 cm 3.5
6 size 26.9-27.25 cm 29 cm 3.5 cm
Size 6.5 27.25-27.6 cm 29.5 cm 3.5
7 size 27.6 to 27.95 cm 30 cm 3.5 cm
7.5 size 27.95 ~ 28.3 cm 30.5 cm 3.5
8 size 28.3-28.65 cm 31 cm 3.5 cm

Upper: leather
Sole: rubber

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Paraboot few in stock or hottest chukka boots / popular - Men Paraboot Boots