16 SS Off-White stripe pattern stajan - Men Off-White x Varsity

16 SS "Off-White" stripe pattern stajan - Men Off-White x Varsity

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16 SS new "Off-White" stripe design Stadium jacket

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Luxury street wear
The concept of MADE IN ITALY
High-quality Street items
Offering Off-White .

Strong graphic design
Signature on variations
While deploying a rich collection.

Only in the stores was limited throughout the world
A super rare collection brand it is.

Appeared a new item of the 2016 season.

This item is
brand classic deity print
Stadium jacket.

Please GET to come in stock before.

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Height: 189 cm
Bust: 88 cm
Waist: 70 cm
Hip: 90 cm
Wear: M size

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16 SS "Off-White" stripe pattern stajan - Men Off-White x Varsity